katanga   Delila Katanga

The God-fearing, Christ loving, Christian named Delila. A living contradiction right, I know. A Positive thinker as well as a walking and highly talkative smiling emoji injected with a high dose of confidence. This ball of energy spends her free time nose deep in books, be it reading or writing. Yes! She is a novelist. An outspoken female that is neither feminist nor ethnocentric. Listen to her show to hear more.
 DSC 6044 copy 1 e1511187331612   Shoki Kandjimi

Shoki aka Duke is a young activist, educator, brand ambassador and media student. I will be 'infotaining' to make sure you are the first to know what is happening around the world. When it come dancing, ask me!
DSC 6041 copy 1   Vivian Kandetu

The go to girl. I have an opinoin on everything. Lucky for you, Ihave a beautiful voice. The only dynamite that comes in a large package. My personality is too big to fit in a box. I am a woman of many passions-sports,Literature, and even Politics. My voice will have you hooked to your radio. Again, you have an advantage of hearing it on #TheCrunch, every morning from 07:30 to 10:00. A fine girl on the breakfast show
Munya   Munya Maddanhire

Is all bout having fun and a good laugh but I don’t mix work with pleasure though, if its work I put in that overtime and pleasure best believe I will entertain. As the name suggests I am from Zim, born and raised and I am excited to share my culture and music at the same time learning some Namibian culture. To all sports junkies I got you cause also bout that life and ladies you know I am your guy.Described as a Gentle Giant because of my taste in music and warm assuring smile.With that said I strongly believe that everyone is in entitled to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
shannon 1   Shannon Goses

I am strong outspoken and ambitious young lady, brought up in the beautiful coastal town of Swakopmund. I love working with disabled children, I have a great passion for events work. I stand for disability rights, accessibility, safety, community acceptance, independence, living and quality of life, full participation in society, equal opportunities in education and employment. I am very reserved, but when I get comfy, I really get comfy! I am not a feminist, I just believe in fair and equal treatment and what is right and beneficial to everyone. Laughter, go-getter, trendsetter, open-minded and uplifter-those qualities make me Shannon Goses
500   Undamuye Zeraeua

Words are free, but how you use them will cost you. An athletic girl, with the dream of traveling the world. Is outgoing and adventurous. She chooses to use her words by expressing her views and opinion on various issues. She loves to learn, educate and inspire people to achieve all that they can. Has a good sense of humor, but only a few will get her jokes. With her addictive voice, hooking you to NUST FM is a given. She is Thick Nisha
haizelll2222   Hazel Ambambi

I go by Ndapewa Hazel Ambambi. Ya’ll can call me Hazel or Bambi. Hazel because my big eyes turn Hazel in the dark *wink*. I’m probably the only girl with an ugly loud laugh and I have no shame in it. My social life revolves around African music and Books. Ou’ by the way, I tweet more than I snap.
Shonaedited   Shona Ngava

He goes by the name Shona Ngava. Uses his voice to influence and have a positive impact on those that listen to the Ratchet Show. He presents off the cuff, it is unconventional, relatable and very welcoming. His purpose is happiness, putting a smile on someone’s face when they listen.
DSC 6032   Frieda Mukufa

My name is Frieda Mukufa but on air, I am Yours Truly, or else you owe me a sweet. I am poet. An acrophobic. English major. Event promoter. MC. The ordinary girl who lives down the streets. A bit of a loud mouth but that’s what everyone needs in their lives right? I love music, a capella to be precise. Oh, also, I am a book worm. Don’t let anyone make you feel worthless without your consent.