THE CRUNCH 07H30-10H00
DSC 6037   This is your morning show. Simply to inform you of the day’s News, Quotes to inspire you for the day, Jokes to make you laugh, Breakfast tips and Sport Recaps.
YELLOW BENCHES 10H00-13H00    
Hazel   Get to know your University with Facts about NUST, the different Schools, Departments, Canters and Units or the NUST Staff. Get some great Broke Tips and be up to date on which shops have sales on Discount Monday. I am a proud Namibian with our Namibian Pride Hour. Women Empowerment, Finance Tips, Beauty Tips, Fashion Do’s and Don’ts, Shopper’s Paradise and Relationship advice . Women, this show is all about you. Be informed about the youth as we bring in Youth experts and Youth Organisations to talk about what the youth should know in today’s age.
KIOSK 13H00-15H00    
DSC 6066   NUST Pride day is highlighted on Blue Monday. Stay informed with NUST Staff Highlights and Student News. Tasty Tuesday, dishes look forward to at our very own Hotel School’s Restaurant and other yummy dishes out there. Debate of the sexes will arose emotions in anyone on the Wednesday Gender Debate. Let us go back in time with Through Back Thursday and bring you back again with what is Trending today. For those going out we have a line-up of Party Tips, Do’s and Don’ts for you.
THE SWITCH 15H00-18H00    
DSC 7347   It has a line-up of Business news, Success tips, student entrepreneurs’, Business etiquettes and Business personality. Innovation Corner will keep you up to date with what is new and happening. Too nervous to present, Presentation Tips at 17h00.Let’s play; four students are brought in to hum their favourite songs on the Humming Game. Poetry, Live music, Art and Dance will switch anyone’s day. Stay informed on Current Affairs Every Thursday. The latest Movies, Series, Music and Books, this is the show you will find out how good they are. Get involved in the battle of the sexes as ladies go against the gents on a series of questions. Who will win?
RATCHET SHOW 14H00-18H00    
DSC 1806   The Ratchet show is the one stop show for millennials. You get to participate in issues that affect us all, issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, mental health problems, financial issues and relationship based problems. The purpose of the show is to ensure that we all learn from one another and engage each other directly about problems and issues that have an impact on us. The show also keeps you up to date with pop culture, what is trending around the world and gives you access to a number of Namibian celebrities.