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Position: Station Manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email: Undamuye Zeraeua, the dynamic and unstoppable force behind your favorite online radio station. With a heart that beats to the rhythm of radio waves and a passion that’s louder than any broadcast, she’s the true captain of our entertainment ship, she is our Station […]

Position: Marketing Manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email: Vernon van Wyk is a marketing strategist and creative. His passion and role in the entertainment and creative industry has made him a go to figure in the industry. The jack of all trades is also a stylist, creative director, projects manager and hosts some […]

Position: Production Manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email: Pandeni Kasheeta, a dynamic force in the world of entertainment and creativity with an unwavering passion for all things creative and brand building. Pandeni combines a keen ear for audio excellence with a deep love for visual marketing technology, which is a combination of audio, […]

Position: Programming/Music Manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email: Ndelitunga Shikongeni aka Officially Poetic is a renowned poet, content creator and a fashion enthusiast who has a versatile personality that is both cultured and hip in the local scene. Giving the true definition of local is lekker he runs the air waves from the […]

Position: Communication Manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email: Veueza Kandetu, Ms Kay is the go to girl! She has an opinion on anything and everything. Lucky for you she has beautiful voice. The only dynamite that comes in a large package. A women of many passions such as sports, literature and politics. You […]

Pinkie Guriras aka Pinkie the panther as the name suggest is a full of life, energetic young lady. She likes long conversations and getting a laugh or two out of family and friends. Pinkie listens to Kanye in her free time and just like him, she does not shy away from making bold statements. Which […]

Jane Simataa, The neighbourhood baddie is a creative who loves everything art. Her specialities lie in colourful makeup looks, poetry, and blogging. Though calm and collected, she’s an all-around cool girl who knows how to have a good time. Catch her on The Switch from 15:00 – 18:00.

Uhunga Kalla, aka Killer Kalla, is a radio personality and artist. As an avid fan of the arts, as well as a football player, creativity plays a major role in his professional life as a future marketer. He harnesses his creative energy into ensuring his listeners are consistently informed, educated and ultimately entertained. You can […]

Shinaaz Shivute, simply known as Shinaaz presents herself as a language enthusiast that speaks 6 languages with an interest in pop culture and sometimes sports. A non-binary person that strides in speaking up and out. A Human Nutritionist that also enjoys spontaneous outdoor activities. As a radio presenter with an assertive and opinionated personality, Shinaaz […]

Philip Kantewa, aka PO is a rapper and a computer science student. His passion lies in both creating music and sharing it with the world through the airwaves. Jet on the Yellow Benches with him as he spits bars behind the mic and curate the best tunes on the radio.

Millen Tsauses aka Mami Mills describes herself as a pluripotential stem cell. She is a multifaceted personality who enjoys informing her listeners while making sure they are entertained. As an award-winning Medical Laboratory Scientist to-be, she has a passion for curating the best playlist backed with insightful conversation. In her free time, she enjoys some […]

Jovial Mafwila aka Baby girl Jo is the epitome of love. An intellectual and authentic woman who is aesthetically gifted. Full of hearty, playful good humour and cheerful. She isn’t afraid to express herself in the loudest way possible. With a love for traveling and becoming the best version of herself. She has a lively […]


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