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Position: Station Manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email: Words are free, but how you use them will cost you. An athletic girl, with the dream of travelling the world. Is outgoing and adventurous. She chooses to use her words by expressing her views and opinion on various issues. She loves to learn, […]

Position: Music and Programming Manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email: Vernon the Namapapii, arguebly the proudest Nama male of his era, takes pride in his cultural and tribal customs and heritage, loves Africa and believes in Harambee. The Namapapi juggles his Accounting studies, his love for the entertainment industry and being a part […]

Position: Communication Manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email: The go to girl. I have an opinoin on everything. Lucky for you, Ihave a beautiful voice. The only dynamite that comes in a large package. My personality is too big to fit in a box. I am a woman of many passions-sports,Literature, and even […]

A vivacious Damara maiden with a huge appetite for success, her pleasures include dancing and writing. She is considered the epitome of fun with a warm smile and a contagious laugh. A Medical Laboratory Science student by day and radio personality by night. Millz is a music fanatic to all genres, beats and lyrics. She […]

Always thinking about the future, this guy dreams to travel the world someday. He’s a filmmaker and obsessed with the art of film-making. He hopes to leave his mark on the world.

She’s a vibrant young individual with a powerful energy to match! Going by the name of the Chocolate Barbie, Prisca is the co-host of the hottest mid-day show The Kiosk, serving you only the best local content every weekday from 1 to 3pm. Never miss the ever-exciting show that delves into relationship advice and stays […]

The Caprivian rooted lad is a cheerful, disciplined and productive soul, who loves challenging his capabilities, especially in aspects he’s passionate about. In his final Bachelor of Journalism year, Zamaleck hopes to further his rising career in media, music, acting and directing.

An individual, who practices emotional intelligence, fulfils his desires to make others happy and possess a fashion sense so you unique that he is a fashion guru in his own right. Tutu has a versatile personality that is both cultured, hip and young enough to speak on current affairs and anything ratchet handed to him. […]

Hey there! In a world where I can be anything, I like to think of myself as a pineapple. I Stand up straight, wear a crown and I’m always sweet on the inside, though I’m aware that not everyone has a sweet tooth and that’s okay but I hope you all love art because I’m […]

VDM puts the V in VIBE. Liberal arts are his second nature. He is a spontaneous free spirit, who is very opinionated and advocates for equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Who needs a lit evening, when you can have a good morning with him? Catch him on The Crunch every weekday from 7:30-10:00.


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