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Position: Station Manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email:

Position: Productions manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email:

Position: Communications manager Telephone: +264 – (0)61 – 207 2874 Email:

Words are free, but how you use them will cost you. An athletic girl, with the dream of traveling the world. Is outgoing and adventurous. She chooses to use her words by expressing her views and opinion on various issues. She loves to learn, educate and inspire people to achieve all that they can. Has […]

He goes by the name Shona Ngava. Uses his voice to influence and have a positive impact on those that listen to the Ratchet Show. He presents off the cuff, it is unconventional, relatable and very welcoming. His purpose is happiness, putting a smile on someone’s face when they listen. Position: Programming manager Telephone: +264 – […]

Her prodigious eyes turn Hazel in the dark *wink*. She is probably the only girl with no shame of her ugly loud laugh. Her social life revolves around African music and Books. By the way, She tweets more than she snaps. She goes by Ndapewa Hazel Ambambi aka Bambi.

She is strong outspoken and ambitious young lady, brought up in the beautiful coastal town of Swakopmund. Loves working with disabled children, has a great passion for events work. She stands for disability rights, accessibility, safety, community acceptance, independence, living and quality of life, full participation in society, equal opportunities in education and employment. Reserved, […]

The go to girl. I have an opinoin on everything. Lucky for you, Ihave a beautiful voice. The only dynamite that comes in a large package. My personality is too big to fit in a box. I am a woman of many passions-sports,Literature, and even Politics. My voice will have you hooked to your radio. […]

Vernon the Namapapii, arguebly the proudest Nama male of his era, takes pride in his cultural and tribal customs and heritage, loves Africa and believes in Harambee. The Namapapi juggles his Accounting studies, his love for the entertainment industry and being a part time artist manager. A huge advocate for local art and the fifth […]

The God-fearing, Christ loving, Christian named Delila. A living contradiction right, I know. A Positive thinker as well as a walking and highly talkative smiling emoji injected with a high dose of confidence. This ball of energy spends her free time nose deep in books, be it reading or writing. Yes! She is a novelist. […]

Meet Judith, also known as “The JuJu Master”, is a lively spirited, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious short girl from “the kassi” that loves House Music. Being the JuJu Master, she’s a no nonsense taker yet overly friendly, dwells in optimism and has a positive attitude towards life.


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