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The morning show

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Simply to inform you of the day’s News, Quotes to inspire you for the day, Jokes to make you laugh, Breakfast tips and Sport Recaps.

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The Crunch crew

The go to girl. I have an opinoin on everything. Lucky for you, Ihave a beautiful voice. The only dynamite that comes in a large package. My personality is too big to fit in a box. I am a woman of many passions-sports,Literature, and even Politics. My voice will have you hooked to your radio. […]

VDM puts the V in VIBE. Liberal arts are his second nature. He is a spontaneous free spirit, who is very opinionated and advocates for equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Who needs a lit evening, when you can have a good morning with him? Catch him on The Crunch every weekday from 7:30-10:00.


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