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Brings you awesome facts about NUST, the different schools, Departments, Centres and Unit or the NUST staff. Get some Broke Tips and be updated with which shops have sales on Discount Mondays. Every Thursday we have our Women Empowerment show, Finance Tips, Beauty Tips, Fashion Do’s and Don’ts Shoppers paradise and Relationship advice. Women this show is all about you. Be informed about the youth as we bring you Youth experts and Youth Organisations talk about what the youth needs to know in today’s age.

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Her prodigious eyes turn Hazel in the dark *wink*. She is probably the only girl with no shame of her ugly loud laugh. Her social life revolves around African music and Books. By the way, She tweets more than she snaps. She goes by Ndapewa Hazel Ambambi aka Bambi.

Words are free, but how you use them will cost you. An athletic girl, with the dream of traveling the world. Is outgoing and adventurous. She chooses to use her words by expressing her views and opinion on various issues. She loves to learn, educate and inspire people to achieve all that they can. Has […]


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