The Saturday Cruise

Presented by Millen & Ndelitunga

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Saturday 1:00 pm 4:00 pm

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The Saturday Cruise is an embodiment of good vibes. We take you through the last few hours of the day. Keeping you informed, entertained and providing that food for thought. From Do It Yourself tips and informing which places to hit up later on during the night, to a Hot Topic to add just that heat!

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The Saturday Cruise crew

Millen Tsauses aka Mami Mills describes herself as a pluripotential stem cell. She is a multifaceted personality who enjoys informing her listeners while making sure they are entertained. As an award-winning Medical Laboratory Scientist to-be, she has a passion for curating the best playlist backed with insightful conversation. In her free time, she enjoys some […]

Shinaaz Shivute, simply known as Shinaaz presents herself as a language enthusiast that speaks 6 languages with an interest in pop culture and sometimes sports. A non-binary person that strides in speaking up and out. A Human Nutritionist that also enjoys spontaneous outdoor activities. As a radio presenter with an assertive and opinionated personality, Shinaaz […]


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