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Innovation corner will keep you up to date with what is new and happening. Too nervous to present? Presentation Tips at 17:00. Let’s play; four students are brought in to hum their favourite songs on the Humming Game. Poetry, Live music, Art and Dance will switch anyone’s day. Stay informed on Current affairs every Thursday. The latest Movies, Series, Books and Music, this is the show where you find out how good they are. Get involved in the battle of the sexes as ladies go against the gents on the series of questions. Who will win?

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Hey there! In a world where I can be anything, I like to think of myself as a pineapple. I Stand up straight, wear a crown and I’m always sweet on the inside, though I’m aware that not everyone has a sweet tooth and that’s okay but I hope you all love art because I’m […]

Always thinking about the future, this guy dreams to travel the world someday. He’s a filmmaker and obsessed with the art of film-making. He hopes to leave his mark on the world.


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